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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Spring 2019 To-Do List

Here’s an update on my to-do priority list, with an emphasis on what I should be doing for April through June 2019:
  1. Our Undying Neighbors, previously known as Ranks of the Undead
  2. Three new dungeons like the Hag Pits, plus more geomorphs.
  3. Our Spiritual Neighbors PDF, based on Clerics Without Spells + ethereal spirits. (Title may change.)
  4. Last-Minute Wilderness PDF, rewrite of wilderness generation material.
  5. Our Infernal Neighbors rewrite with new layout.
  6. Last-Minute Cities PDF, rewrite of improv citycrawl material.
  7. Unnamed PDF consolidating and expanding Let’Em Pick (randomized chargen,) the Bribe, Craft, Train research rules. and the Talent class variants (tinkers, apothecaries, etc.)
  8. Our Unearthly Benefactors PDF, covering djinn, efreet, and other godlings + astral travel.
The first three or four are what I’ll work on this spring, but what I’m aiming to complete are Undying Neighbors (because it’s languished for so long) and the dungeons/geomorphs (because they’re part of my blog schedule.) Note that I’m talking about three completely new dungeons. Even though I uploaded the Hag Pits on April 1st, I consider it to be the March dungeon.

I hope I will also complete the Clerics Without Spells expansion, which I’m temporarily calling “Our Spiritual Neighbors”. It would make a nice follow-up to Our Undying Neighbors, which is part of why I’ve moved it so far up the list. But I expect I will only get part of it done before the summer.

I’ll try to get some work done on the wilderness generation material, since it’s in high demand, but I’m expecting that to take longer than three months.

I moved Our Infernal Neighbors so far down the list because I currently have a PDF of that material available. Sure, I’d like to rewrite and expand, and I want a new layout to match some of the ideas I’m going to play with in the Undying Neighbors layout… but the current PDF should tide people over for a while. Besides, it would be nice to have at least one book in that loose series every season, so it’s better to separate it a little from Undying Neighbors.

Items 6 through 8 will probably change order when summer comes around. All I really know is that people really want citycrawl material right now, so it should be a higher priority than something like Bribe, Craft, Train.

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