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Sunday, May 5, 2019

April 2019 Blog Maintenance, Dungeon Plans

I’m actually late reporting on maintenance for last month, but since I had to do a few more things today, all is good.

First, I uploaded new map PDFs in April, but forgot to add them to the Maps page at first. Fixed that.

Second, I continued the blog renovation project by fixing the last static page, Links/Tags. It no longer exists, because I split this into a Links page, for links to stuff on my blog, and a Resources page, for links to other people’s stuff. This second page is not a blogroll. I plan on doing a separate page for that, once I’ve thought over how I want it arranged.

And finally, today I uploaded a corrected copy of the Death’s Kiss Tower trifold dungeon PDF. When I did it originally, I did not spellcheck it, plus it was in A4, which might not have bothered anyone… but for now, I want all my docs to be in US Letter until I create a tweaked layout that will work for either paper size. Anyways, that counts as “blog maintenance”, even though I checked the current links and they seem to point to the updated version already, so everything should be good.

Also, my goal of “three new dungeons like the Hag Pits” for this season is so far turning out to be quite the grind. I’m going to try to keep to that goal, at least until June, but it kind of eats into my time for other projects… so I may have to switch to one large dungeon each season, with the others being trifold dungeons, one-page dungeons, or something else small and manageable.

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