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Monday, July 29, 2019

Generic Semi-Random Dungeon Pamphlet PDF

It’s back to the dungeon grind this Map Monday, with a new pamphlet dungeon: Generic Semi-Random Dungeon, first of the new 9 and 30 Dungeon Expanders series. This new series is compatible with the generic towers in the Watchtowers of the Golden Hills series. You may remember that the random results included tunnels and stairs down. Either of these can be connected to one of the two levels in this pamphlet, allowing for a slightly larger dungeon with more variety.

You can also add a staircase or trap door in any other dungeon, either one of mine or someone else’s, published or homemade, and expand it… hence the name “Dungeon Expanders”. If you are using random wilderness generation that generates a random structure of some kind, like a cottage or ruins, you can add a trap door or stairs inside and use this as the start of an instant dungeon.

I plan on releasing another Dungeon Expander later this week, perhaps tomorrow. I’ll explain more about using Dungeon Expanders then.

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