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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Pit Perils Dungeon Expander Pamphlet PDF

As promised, today we have another pamphlet dungeon in the new 9 and 30 Dungeon Expanders series: Pit Perils. It includes a Connection Level, so you can use it as you would the Generic Semi-Random Dungeon: add a staircase or trap door in any other dungeon and expand it, or to a random structure to create an instant dungeon anywhere. Or, ignore the level maps and just use the rooms to replace overused random rooms in the main map. You could even draw your own basic tunnel map and use the rolls described in the pamphlet to place random rooms.

The pamphlet’s theme is “pits”. All the rooms have pits of some kind: the four generic rooms have simple pit structures, the four special rooms are a little more elaborate and dangerous. The plan is to do more themed pamphlets like this, which allows you two options when creating a random dungeon:
  1. Pick one or two themed pamphlets for a specific dungeon, or specific dungeon level(s), to create a unified feel to that area.
  2. Start with one pamphlet as your base and shuffle the other expander pamphlets. When you start repeating rooms in the first pamphlet too much, choose another pamphlet at random and start using those rooms instead.
In theory, you can roll these dungeons during play: the random tables aren’t very complex. However, what I had in mind was that you would draw a sketch map of a planned tunnel system and place the rooms, possibly adding books or letters to locked chests or tables if your dungeon is part of some on-going adventure. Clues to a mystery, background for finding other dungeons, useful information for problems the adventurers are trying to solve. This can all be done in about half an hour, with the aid of the pamphlets, and gives you an opportunity to customize the dungeon key or monster list to make it feel less like a random dungeon.

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