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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Spell Spat Table

OOPS! You ticked off one or more magicians and then let them escape. Your new enemy plans to harass you magically until the very end. Until you do something about it, the GM rolls once a week on the Magic Spat table to see what the latest nuisance is.
Roll 4d6 and set aside any 6s rolled, then look up the total.

4d6 Roll Magic Spat Activity
0 I Came to Gloat! Rival sends illusion of self to personally confront you.
1 Bite Me! Conjured attack dog appears.
2 Bring Waders! Area floods to knee height for 1 hour.
3 Good Job! Next door you see/pass through does 1d6 non-lethal damage as it hits you.
4 Scary Visage! NPCs flee you 1d6 times.
5 Pantsed! Trousers or robes fall off in 1d6 chases.
6 Flat-footed! Footwear falls off in 1d6 chases.
7 Pop! Next 1d6 bottles/vials held break.
8 Hiss! Backpack fills with 1d6 snakes.
9 The Eagle Has Landed! Birds take the next 1d6 small objects from your hands.
10 On a Roll! 1d6 barrels roll rapidly toward you.
11 UFO Flap! Conjures 1d6 bats around you.
12 Wine Tasting! 1d6 drinks near you spill.
13 Wart Pack! Backpack fills with 1d6 toads.
14 Duck Hunt! 1d6 ducks chase you, quacking loudly.
15 Heckler! Tiny face calls you a liar in next 1d6 NPC conversations.
16+ A Breather. Rival had something else to do this week.

If one or more 6s were rolled and set aside, each 6 rolled adds 1d6 to any dice roll mentioned in the results above.

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