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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Occult Forces as Power Source

Magic-Users and MagicThe magical power sources began with the remote, abstract cosmic forces of the stars, which coalesced as symbolic, impersonal words of power and then were personified as divine beings. The next step is Occult Forces that permeate physical objects, the reagents of alchemy. Knowing which substances contain the magical properties and how to release or distill them into usable form is important to many magical traditions.

At the most basic level, even common substances may have occult properties that the magician can release by grinding up in a mortar, burning in a brazier, boiling in an alembic, mixing into an ink for drawing magic symbols… but a more difficult version requires rare reagents for occult properties. Costs are based on spell level:

Spell Level Reagent Cost
1 10 coins
2 20 coins
3 40 coins
4 80 coins
5 160 coins
6 320 coins

Magicians could always try to collect and prepare rare reagents themselves. Allow characters with the proper tools to gather 4d6-4 coins worth of material every hour, adjusting either time needed or dice rolled for specialist training or makeshift tools.

The more extreme requirement is magical reagents. These are still rated by reagent cost, but must come from an enchanted plant or beast, or magical location. Magicians must hunt for reagent sources, deal with any hazards or guardians, and harvest the reagents themselves, or hire someone who can do it for them.

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