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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Last-Minute d6 Dungeons: Update

I decided to make some changes to the graphics from yesterday's post.

What's Different: 

  • Switched the dice results so that they are numbered left to right, top to bottom, which might be easier to remember.
  • Switched to absolute orientation (horizontal or vertical, using compass directions) instead of relative orientation (left or right,) since not everyone can handle imagining themselves rotating in space.
  • Labels for the d6 results printed on the diagram.
  • Made it clearer that dice can be rolled at either end of a tunnel section to see if the tunnel continues, branches, or turns.
  • Added doorways and room shapes to make it clearer where these would be drawn on the map.
  • Summary of instructions in lower left.
Technically, it would have been better to center the hypothetical rooms relative to their doorways. But I use Alex Schroeder's Gridmapper for quick one-off diagrams like this, and there are limitations to what it can do. If I do a more refined version of this as a PDF, I can do fancier illustrations in Inkscape.

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