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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Last-Minute d6 Dungeons: Drop Dice Version

I did some testing for the Last-Minute d6 Dungeons series (d6 Dungeons 1, d6 Dungeons 2, and d6 Dungeons 3,) and decided the ratio of rooms to tunnels was too low (Oops! All tunnels!) The problem is the Side Exits roll, which works fine in its original iteration for the semi-random dungeons pamphlets, but that is because that version only has a 42% chance of at least one tunnel, instead of a 97% chance.

One solution would be to replace the Side Exits roll with the Exit Destination roll, but treat it as a freeform drop-dice roll.

  1. Roll 3d6 for each tunnel.
  2. The position of each d6 is the position of each door or doorway (read left to right as West to East for horizontal tunnels, North to South for vertical tunnels.)
  3. For dice that match, only use the position of the first d6.
  4. Read the d6 result from the appropriate Exits subtable below, depending on whether its a triple, a double, or a loose d6 with no match.
d6 Loose d6 Result
1 Simple Corridor
2 Minor Debris
3 Missing Ceiling/Floor
4 Well or Fountain
5 Staircase or Ladder
6 Statue/Monument
d6 Doubles Result
1 Animal Pens
2 Storage (roll 1d6 again)
3 Jail Cell(s)
4 Food Prep
5 Living Area
6 Guard Station
d6 Triples Result
1 Armory (Weapons/Armor)
2 Execution Chamber
3 Temple or Shrine
4 Forge
5 Library
6 Magical Lab

In some cases, the GM could improvise a second roll to specify the variants. The only example specifically referenced on the table is “Storage”, where another d6 is rolled and the same table read again as a clue to what is stored in that room. Similarly, a well or a fountain could be dry or full of fresh, stagnant or poisoned water, or acid (2d6 reaction roll, with Dry as the middle result.)

This same Exits roll could replace the Tunnel Turns roll, but using two light-colored dice and one dark.

  • If no dice match, each position represents one of the three direction (left, right, straight ahead.)
  • If only two dice match, read the dark d6 first to find out which direction is blocked.
    • First Position: No door or passage North in a horizontal West/East tunnel, No door or passage West in a vertical North/South tunnel.
    • Second Position: No door or passage straight ahead.
    • Third Position: No door or passage South in a horizontal West/East tunnel, No door or passage East in a vertical North/South tunnel.
  • If all three dice match, read the dark d6 as the direction to use (First Position = North or West, etc.)

Inside rooms, roll 3d6 for exits in the same way.

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