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Friday, November 22, 2013

Embedded Potion Bottles

Continuing to add some random tables for artifacts found embedded in stone walls, as in this dungeon map. Like the embedded relics and embedded weapon artifacts, these embedded “potions” would be rare finds, accidentally discovered when forced to tunnel or travel ethereally through rock, or when casting a Locate Object spell to find something else, in this case “any container of liquid” (vial, bottle.) Use either d4+d8 or 2d6 to select the item from the table.

d4+d8 Embedded Potion or Bottle
1 fast-spreading airborne plague
2 spirit bottle, imprisoned hostile efreet
3 imprisoned water weird
4 magic potion + slow poison
5 potion of delusion
6 vinegar
7 faint trace, alchemist can make full dose
8 cheap wine
9 holy water
10 sip of potion, 1-2 rounds duration
11 potion, at least 1 full dose
12 spirit bottle, imprisoned neutral djinn

The d4 or the lowest of the two d6s rolled indicates the container type:
  1. tiny vial (holds a couple teaspoons)
  2. stoppered glass tube (a good swig or two)
  3. flask (fits comfortably in hip pocket)
  4. bottle (2 to 4 doses)
  5. jug (two bottles’ worth)
  6. keg (hefty, but fits under one arm)
If using 2d6, you probably want to override a keg result for a djinn bottle.

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  1. Or it could be a keg full of djinni. Almost be like a literal keg of whoopass.