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Saturday, March 20, 2010

20-sided Quickie Monsters

The 20-sided quickie tables (main and exotic) were geared towards filling in details on human or humanoid societies and cultural artifacts. Here's a new table geared towards monsters.

1Bear / Centipede (avian)
2Wolf / Elephant (enchanted)
3Jaguar / Trout (incorporeal)
4Frog / Ostrich (fiend)
5Lizard / Vampire Bat (undead)
6-7Rat / Yak (vermin)
8-10Cattle / Deer (herd animal)
11-13Canine / Chicken (predator)
14-15Sheep / Ape (humanoid/primate)
16Snake / Shark (shapeless)
17Pig / Piranha (plant)
18Horse / Hippo (hybrid)
19Goat / Giraffe (golem)
20Zebra / Rhinoceros (reptilian)

First creature on a line is a beast, second is an avian, aquatic, or exotic animal. An italicized monster type is added in parentheses; some of these require a separate formula to fill in details. Basic formula (3d20) is Animal X with Feature Y and Behavior (Activity) Z; "Feature" in this case is a color or texture based on either Material from the main list or another Animal from this list. Alternative monsters (3d20) are based on Monster Type X, with type determining the rest of the formula:
  • avians, vermin, herd animals, predators, primates, plants, reptilians: Feature Y and Behavior Z.
  • enchanted: creatures with magical abilities. Form of Animal Y with Feature Z, plus additional 2d20 power roll for Activity X on/with Object Y. Alternatively, use a random spell table to assign a spell-like ability.
  • incorporeal: can pass through matter, can't normally be hit with physical attacks. Either Form of Animal Y with Feature Z, if random shape desired, or Feature Y and Behavior Z if shape has already been decided.
  • fiend: generic demons, devils, and other extradimensionals; may have a power bundle common to all fiends, if so desired. Shape of Animal Y with organ/body part from Animal Z, plus 2d20 power roll as per enchanted creatures.
  • undead: remnant of a dead creature, generally mindless or consumed with a single dark will; can be turned by prayer. Usually humanoid with Feature Y and Behavior Z with the option of a 2d20 power roll (perhaps only on doubles.)
  • shapeless: mindless slimes, oozes, and the like; usually don't attack creatures, just move towards them and engulf. Immune to most physical attacks. Color/Material Y and Behavior Z, possible optional 2d20 power roll on doubles.
  • hybrid: head of one animal, body of another; thus, Animal Y and Animal Z. Additional 2d20 roll for Feature X and Behavior Y. For mutants, roll an additional 2d20 power roll.
  • golem (robot, automaton): mindless artificial construct. Material Y and Behavior Z, with 2d20 power roll on doubles and optional 2d20 form roll (Animal X with Feature Y.)
Additionally, if you need to assign size, roll a d6: creature is small on 3 or less, large on 6. If you want a random alignment, roll a d6: Lawful on 1, Chaotic on 6.

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