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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

20-sided Quickies: Exotic Edition

I promised an alternative table to go with yesterday's 20-sided Quickies. When rolling a formula on the main table, if two dice match, either interpret the number rolled on this table instead, or roll again for modifiers to apply to the first result rolled.

1a Berserker charging towards an ash-filled Cart
2a Dervish dancing around a diamond Wheel
3a Torturer branding prisoners before a jade Idol
4an Ogre waving a feathered Flag
5a Lycanthrope tearing a velvet Veil
6-7a Wizard enchanting with an ivory Wand
8-10a Halfling planting a leafy Vine
11-13a Bard playing a brazen Lyre
14-15an Elf hiding behind a linen Tapestry
16a Saint worshiping at a sand-covered Shrine
17a Pirate smashing a porcelain Mask
18a Hag brewing in a hide-covered Kettle
19a Gnome drinking from a greasy Goblet
20a Zombie brandishing a ruby Ring

Obviously, even both tables together do not cover all the possibilities. Sometimes, a combination of results will suggest a better option; other times, you might substitute a result from another category to come up with a better idea: if you don't like the idea of a pirate ruling class, you can substitute "mask-wearers", or if you aren't inspired by a kingdom that outlaws "brandishing", you can substitute "zombie-making".

These tables are meant to freshen up descriptions rather than limit them. Use wisely!

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