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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Greetings, Old Year's Recap

Happy New Year, all!

First bit of blog news of 2011: the S-series geomorphs are now included in David Millar's mapper app. Thanks, David! More geomorphs will be on the way.

Top 5 articles for 2010 (or, at least, the last half of it) were:
  1. A Clone in Your Head - 240 Pageviews
  2. Aurichale Empire - 157 Pageviews
  3. Monsters Sorted By Treasure Type - 93 Pageviews
  4. Too Much D&D in the OSR? - 89 Pageviews
  5. Last-Minute GM: 20-Sided Quickies - 87 Pageviews
Peak traffic was in August and early December. Not sure what cause the big August peak, but the December peak was probably because of the geomorphs.

Thanks, everyone!

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