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Friday, March 4, 2011

Geomorph B10: Broken Bridge

Another cliché idea is the chasm, including chasms with bridges over them. I'm not so sure how common a broken bridge is, though; naturally, I just had to make one of my own. This bridge is a slightly exotic-looking one lined with stone pillars bent inwards at the tip, sort of like a horn (and reminiscent of the horn pillars I used in a previous geomorph for a stone circle.) I applied a gradient to the bottom of the chasm, just to make it stand out, but the chasm can pretty much be any depth you need. It crosses the geomorph diagonally and prevents crossing from one side to the opposite side.

I happen to be kind of proud of this bridge model that I made specifically for this geomorph.


  1. You're geomorphs are harken back to the original TSR dungeon geomorphs. I like the variety quite a bit. Do you have all the ones you've done so far collected in a pdf or other document type?

  2. Not all of them. The first six S-series geomorphs are collected in a PDF, which I will be updating after I post S12 (I think I scheduled it for Monday.) I also need to do a B-series PDF.