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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Geomorphs: Gauntlet and Pit

To finish off this latest burst of geomorph madness, here's a sixth ES-series end piece and two "quarter" end pieces (in other words, corners.)

ES6 is two rows of statues arranged in a "gauntlet", very similar to the S-series geomorphs that had warrior statues positioned in alcoves. It's just the sentinel statue model, all facing forward. Unlike many of the end pieces, all geomorph entrances connect, although one is only accessible with a secret door.

The first corner piece, EQ1, is a pit with ledges on two sides and a corridor on a third. One of the ledges has a door leading to one of the geomorph entrances. Getting from either of the ledges to the other, or to the corridor to the south, requires jumping. For fun, place a small chest on the opposite ledge.

The other corner piece, EQ2, is just a "simple" corridor that turns and runs underneath itself. No biggie navigating through it, unless you place a monster or trap somewhere in the corridor, or make the lower sublevel ankle-deep or higher with some kind of noxious liquid.

That's all the end pieces I plan to do, and both S and B series geomorphs are finished, as far as I know. I'll probably start the G series on the next Mapping Monday.

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