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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stray Comments on L-Day

1. Carter's Cartopia did "L is for Labyrinth Lord" for the A to Z Challenge, but I'm disappointed that no one did just plain-old "labyrinth". Or maybe "In the Labyrinth" (from The Fantasy Trip.)

2. It's really annoying to wonder what people are going to think of something you wrote, then realize no one can see it. This happened before when I wrote several of this month's posts near the end of May and scheduled them ahead of time... but I've had to wait so long, I've forgotten which posts I was anxious about. Now, it's happening with two articles I'm writing for the next issue of Fight On! (#12.) I have the drafts done for "Curses Gone Wild!" and "Cantrips Gone Wild!" but since no one has seen them but me, I have to wait a couple months for commentary...

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