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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July 2019 Blog Maintenance, August Plans

Blog maintenance completed in July:
  • Added new labels to help sort dungeon PDFs:
    • adventure for multi-page dungeons,
    • modular for one-page dungeon “hubs” to build megadungeon sublevels around,
    • tower for the Watchtowers of the Golden Hills pamphlet dungeons.
    • expander for 9 and 30 Dungeon Expanders.
  • Added some missing dungeon pamphlet links to the Maps page.
Started work on the blogroll, but it’s not uploaded yet. At the moment, I’m sorting all the blogs I have in my reading list, verifying which ones no longer exist and which haven’t been updated in ages. I will only keep a minimal number of those that have been defunct for years or those that have radically changed their topic away from the OSR, classifying them as blogs of historical interest. I also need to go through my analytics to find new blogs that have been directing traffic to my blog recently.

I completed four pamphlet dungeons in July, which is more than I actually planned. For August, I’m only planning 2 or 3, since I have to save time for work on an upcoming project. I’m way behind on what I planned to do for the non-dungeon projects. I just can’t get enough time during my prime creative hours to get any writing done. All my free time is at the end of the day, when I’m all worn out. Will try to find some way to squeeze in more work.


  1. Consider looking at my blogroll to double check if you’re missing any. Treasurehuntershq.blogspot.com

    1. Will do!

      It's probably going to take a couple months to sort through various blog sources and decide which go into what category. Especially if I want the blogroll page to list the most recent article for each blog, the way sidebar blogroll gadgets do.