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Monday, May 31, 2021

Cross-Class Training: Teachers

In last week’s cross-class training post, I didn’t mention anything about hiring a teacher. This is partly by design, and partly because I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go with that.

I definitely don’t want to require a teacher. I don’t see classes as professions, more like semi-fantastic abilities. Player characters are larger-than-life figures in some ways, and should be able to train themselves, if need be.

But after a little thought, I think I see an easy way to add the option of finding a teacher. Remember the effects of prime ability scores on training time? If you have a score of 16+, you automatically take the minimum time and spend the minimum amount needed. That basically makes it match the by-the-book rules for changing classes. But if your score is lower, you may have to spend more time, sometimes a lot more, increasing the total cost.

If a character has a teacher, they use the teacher’s prime ability score, rather than their own. Simple! What the teacher charges for their services counts as part of the training cost. At least half the weekly training cost must go for training supplies, though, so if the teacher charges more than that, the excess is just an extra weekly cost.

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